Bombay -> Hyderabad -> Bangalore

13th April

Iam pretty much a novice when it comes to air travel. Iam the kind who still gets a thrill during take-offs, and I still prefer the window seat whenever possible. So it was quite an eventful day for me today, with not one, but two flights in a single day.

I got to fly the good times with Kingfisher both ways. My company has good taste. So does Vijay Mallya, I must say. I loved the personal TV set each person gets, especially when Yana Gupta comes on explaining to us the proper way to use seat-belts. I quite liked the meal they provided, especially the Goan custard something-something for dessert. And of course, the air-hostesses….sigh!…the difference in…umm, quality across airlines is striking! Pretty and dressed in red, they give the TV sets a good run for their money. The colour red is supposed to induce hunger, they say…

My second air-trip today was a night flight, which I realised was a first for me. Have you ever marvelled at the night city-lights seen from a plane? The Bangalore skyline had me captivated while we were coming in to land. You need to be at an optimum height to capture the magic. They dont blink, they dont move, they dont form patterns…like some sparkles scattered randomly in the inky darkness, you can get lost in them. Your eagle-eye perspective makes it all so removed from reality, like inanimate but beautiful gems, when they’re actually lights from homes and streets where people are carrying on with their lives just a few kilometres below you.

I don’t know which was the more beautiful sight today..the Bangalore skyline or the Kingfisher air-hostesses…tough call!