10th May

I just had my mid-term project review today!

I should have known things would be rough when my Guide scheduled the meet at a Barista’s in a 5-star hotel, I should have known it when I saw him ticking off a subordinate when I entered, I should have known it when he ordered some wierd black tea I had never heard of in a coffee shop before (I ordered cappucino, by the way!).

But then, I went with my hopes high, as they always tend to be and always should be, I believe!

The opening exchanges were good and positive till a googly hit me.

…….”I haven’t worked on that yet, sir. But it’s on the agenda.”

“OK, but what about…..?”

“Err, I haven’t looked into that yet, sir.”

Maybe I should start off on my coffee.

“And tell me Arun, what are your findings on….?”

Ouch! The coffee’s hot!

“Iam in the process of collecting data. I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

Why does the cappucino taste unusually bitter today?

…….”No sir, I dont have any quantitative proof for that.”

Maybe I should have ordered some whipped cream too.

…….”Sorry sir, I dont know.”

OK, I dont feel like drinking this now.

…….”Err…I didn’t get you, sir.”

Aren’t they supposed to play some kinda music at Barista’s?

…….”Yes sir, I agree! I do need to look into that.”

Are the walls closing in?

An hour later, the final verdict:
“You are doing a good job superficially, Arun, but I expect much more depth in your analysis, otherwise there won’t be too much of a value-add from this project for us.”

“I dont want to sound too harsh, son, but you better pull up your socks and get your ass to work soon!”

But I kinda like my Guide. He’s a solemn, no-nonsense chap who likes to get down to business directly. He’s fair, practical and willing to listen to reason. Pretty much what a trainee wants.